The story of FRONT begins with the space it inhabits. A former industrial loading dock, it’s literally the front of an eclectic maker studio. It’s little wonder that our obsession with making, building, testing and perfecting expanded into our kitchen as well. FRONT is a destination for artists and designers seeking to reinterpret traditional methods of making and eating while elevating ingredients and processes. We approach everything we make and taste with precision, invention and curiosity. FRONT started with coffee but has expanded to include products, a tea program and our new food + design program, the Taste Workshop. We are active in our workshop designing and developing new one-of-a-kind art + food experiences. These are available for private participation and eventually publicly through the cafe.



Randall Stowell is a writer/director, entrepreneur and conceptual artist. Co-Founder and Creative director of local design company Autofuss and sister robotic company Bot & Dolly. In 2010 he co-founded Thought For Food with a mission to conceive and develop food experiences that challenge dominant food culture and promote community interaction.


Lisa Mishima is a designer who uses food as the core medium for her work. As Design Director at FRONT, she designs, curates, and collaborates with artists to create one-of-a-kind products. She is passionate about producing edible designs that communicate ideas, stories, and create new experiences. She co-founded Thought For Food, an art collective that explores and challenges conventions of how people interact with food.



FRONT Regional Salesperson (full time) — FRONT is hiring a Regional Sales position for our rapidly growing wholesale bean account. Experience selling specialty coffees, developing coffee programs to a wide range of clients is a must. Interested bean enthusiasts, send us your resumé.