February 12th + 13th, 2015

Inter-courses is a Valentine’s themed eating experience. It is about relationships - the relationship between colors and flavors, the food and the table, and the participants with each other. It is about the magic that happens once one course is served to the next.


The main component of the evening revolved around a color placemat. Its colors determined the flavors and emotions of what was about to be served. The guests were directed to pick a side and follow the colors as they evolved. The folding of it in between courses speaks to the space and time in between a course and required participation from the guests, urging them to physically get closer over the course of the event.  


Three courses of small bites and cocktails were served by Lisa and Leah from a rolling cart that they treated with colored strips, integrating the serving cart itself into the choreography.


Each course focused on an activity that required guests to share and collaborate.



Vibrant with warm tones, the first course plays with fluctuation and working to create balance.

A selection of cheese and crackers, vegetable stacks and dips were arranged on a serving tray that mimicked a see-saw. As guests took an item off of the see-saw, it would tilt to the other side and back as they dipped.


Crudité & Dips

Beet dip, sweet potato dip, cheese, quince, rye bread, buttermilk crackers, assortment of veggies (cucumber, jicama, rainbow carrots and radishes)


Orange & Blood Orange Cocktail

Orange, blood orange, mezcal, jalapeno, juice ice cubes, dehydrated blood orange, orange peel



The second course, with a calming palette of violet and chartreuse, provokes a little more intimacy. One long charcoal noodle was served on a platform with a candle lighting the dish. Served without utensils, guests were encouraged to start at the ends and meet in the middle.


Pasta Salad with Saffron Vinaigrette

Charcoal noodle with goat cheese balls (rolled in paprika, pistachio, poppy seeds, edible flowers) arugula and sweetie pop peppers


Violet & Prosecco

Creme de violette, prosecco, topped with borage flower served in champagne flute



The third course is about challenge and anticipation, with a sweet ending. Each table was given a heart shaped balloon with a coffee cocktail. Inside the balloon were two colored strips of paper that determined the color combination for dessert and a sprinkle of edible glitter. Guests were instructed to use the popper at the end of the balloon and work together - one holding the string while the other popped, to retrieve the color strips. Upon being showered with glitter, each couple presented their colored strips to the cake bar and were served corresponding cake slices, one chocolate cake and one butter cake.


Coffee Cocktail

Cold brew from FRONT, apple brandy, whiskey, amaro, mint syrup, topped with whipped cream


Color Cake

A selection of butter and chocolate cakes with colored frosting



To wrap up the evening, the colored placemat was rolled into a cone and used as a carrier for a bouquet of hydrangeas. Guests also received two baci di dama “lady kisses” cookies to take home.  


Collaboration with: Leah Rosenberg

Leah Rosenberg has an affinity for color, stripes, flavor and hospitable arrangement of mise en place. Hailing from the prairies of Saskatchewan and now residing in the hills of Bernal in San Francisco, Leah spent 5 years as the lead pastry chef at SFMOMA's Blue Bottle Rooftop Café where, through pastries, she interpreted the museum's collection of modern and contemporary art. Graduating from the California College of Art, she wrote her thesis, Milles Feuilles, on the artistic possibilities of cake. It was a thousand pages tall. Her stripe paintings, prismatic sculptures and thematic cakes all aspire to delight our senses through a combination of every color, every day. See more of her work at and her new online project


Video & Photography by Nicolas Bertelsen Estrup