Heleanna Georgalis - Ethiopia

Heleanna Georgalis- Ethiopia

Clean + Citrusy

Heleanna Georgalis is a fabulous coffee with many of the classic flavors the Yirga Cheffe region is know for. It has perfumed Jasmine in the fragrance, a well articulated white grape and Meyer Lemon flavor in the cup continuing through the finish which develops into a candy sweetness.

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12 oz bag


This Yirgacheffe is the first lot of several this season prepared and exported by Heleanna Georgalis in Addis, Ethiopia working through the auctioning ECX system. Heleanna, like her father Yiannis, was born in East Harrar. They’re a family of coffee traders doing what they love….produce, cup, prepare, and ship extraordinary coffees. Heleanna is one of the best dry miller’s of coffee in all of East Africa, all of the green coffee produced is meticulously sorted.


Yirga Cheff, Ethiopia



A collection of small growers



1880 - 1919 MASL








Brew method

Pour over, French press


Flavor Profile:

Clean + Citrusy

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