Decaf Francisco Retiro - Colombia

Decaf Francisco Retiro - Colombia

Fruity + Smooth

This decaf lot was sourced through Southern Huila and comes from two areas: El Retiro and San Francisco and has flavors of raisin, accented by a gingerbread flavor. The acidity is cherry like with hints of fuji apple, and muscat grape.

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12 oz bag


The Descafecol process at Manizales is a natural one in which ethyl acetate, extracted from sugarcane, is used for the decaffeination process.  This Decaf is from two areas in southern Huila - El Retiro and San Francisco. Elevation in Huila generally ranges from 1600-1800 masl and caturra is the primary variety, while a small percentage of typica and castillo are also grown there.


Huila, Colombia



A collection of small growers



1600-1800 MASL



Caturra, Typica, Castillo



Descafecol Sugar Process


Brew method

Pour over, French press


Flavor Profile:

Smooth + Fruity

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