Compiler Cups

Compiler Cups

Design by Mitchell Heinrich

The Compiler cups are the love child of art and math. They were conceived & produced in California by industrial designer Mitchell Heinrich, who appreciates strong coffee and triangle subdivision. Slipcast in porcelain, with matte exterior and glazed interior.


Limited Supply.

Sold out

set of 3 cups




Small 3” diameter x 1 1/2” tall

Medium 3 3/4” diameter x 1 3/4” tall

Large 4 3/8” diameter x 2” tall


Dishwasher safe

Mitchell Heinrich

Mitchell Heinrich

Industrial Designer

Mitchell Heinrich is an industrial designer based in Oakland, CA. He is a senior designer and founder of the Design Kitchen at Google X. Mitch’s love of craft, process and material drives his professional work. Past projects include carbon fiber flying wind turbines at Makani Power, low cost renewable energy systems for sub-Saharan Africa and playful art projects like cocktail-serving robots and the invention of smell graffiti.